Are we bigger than our fears?

Posted: August 19, 2010 in Elections, Fearful in AZ, Sen. John McCain

I’ve been watching the primary race between Sen. McCain and J.D. Hayworth with a kind of sick fascination.

Part of me can’t wait to see McCain’s corrupt, pandering, carpetbagging career come to an end.    Why have people forgotton about McCain’s role in the Keating 5?  Forgotten the fact that he’s changed position on so many issues that he must be dizzy from all the flopping?  And forgotten that he is no native son of Arizona but married and paid for his Senate seat with his wife’s family money and influence?  I’m not sure I care who knocks him out of the Senate.

On the other hand his opponent J.D. Hayworth is a not only just as corrupt (his ties to the Abramoff scandal are well-known) but his stand on many of the issues is just is right up there with Tom Tancredo and other wingnuts. 

The logical part of my brain, the part that I actually use for analyzing politics, and optimistic part of my personality, keeps telling me some new blood would be a good idea.   Just to shake things up a little bit.  And perhaps, bringing fruitcakes like Hayworth into the sunlight would be a cleansing experience.  The majority of Arizonans and Americans would get a really good glimpse at the lunacy that Hayworth is proposing and be able to fully reject it for what it is–hate mongering, fear based, greed motivated politics not worthy of the great state of Arizona.

The other parts of my personality and brain…the emotional cynic….knows that voters use their emotions and not their logic to vote.  And Arizonans are scared. They’re afraid of this lousy economy because we were hit so much harder than other areas in regards to housing.  They’re afraid of the loss of jobs and the fact that they’re probably never coming back. They’re afraid of the fact that whites are slowly becoming a minority.  They’re afraid of change in general. They’re just afraid and I mean out of their minds afraid.  And fear makes people do stupid things.  But voting based on fear is not only stupid, it’s irresponsible.  Dare I say unpatriotic.  Americans are better than that.  We should be braver, stronger and fiercer than our fears.  And if we get some crazies to represent the state of Arizona, perhaps we get the government we deserve.


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