Parts of SB1070 were enjoined by a federal judge yesterday, i.e., put on hold, including the most important aspect entitled the “papers please” clause.  Of course reactions have been varied.

Some have gone off the deep end, like commenters on the website Fox Nation, most of whom are calling for revolution.  One person actually said, “…this democratic BS is going to get stopped either by law and voters or by military action”.  I’ve heard similar things at work.  One person even said, we should just go back to the days of the Old West, when anyone could carry a gun and mete out justice.  Great!  Let’s let anyone have gun, drink, gamble and shoot people without benefit of trial.  And at that time Women couldn’t vote, African-Americans were either still slaves or if freed, suffering from Jim Crow laws and American Indians were hunted like animals.  Yes, let’s go back to that, shall we?  It would be so spiffy.

Somehow these “patriots” have forgotten that if you stop this “democratic BS” you stop the law and the voters.  You stop the entire “balanced” process that means we don’t need uprisings, vigilantes or military action.  Besides, if the commenter were to rise up as he and so many of his wingnut buddies want to, it wouldn’t be military action….it would be paramilitary or revolutionary action.  One being legal action and the other being illegal as in treasonous. 

My reaction to such nonsense is to calmly remind myself that Liberals have guns too and they know how to use them.  The real difference between the right’s wingnuts and the left’s liberals is that liberals don’t brag about how they’re going to rise up.  Liberals just wait until the loons on the right have gone too far and step on their crank in a very public way enough to scare voters in the middle.  Then we publicize it and rely on the democratic system.  And when that isn’t enough, and thankfully for over 200 years it has worked out just fine, liberals just wait for this supposed uprising on the right.  Believe me, we’ll be there and we won’t be shrinking violets.  We’ll be the patriots defending our country and our democracy against fascists who want to impose their paramilitary, extralegal and bigoted beliefs on the rest of us.

Other reactions from the left, include the continuation of civil disobedience.   Their reasons on continuing to demonstrate are a reaction to the fact that the State of Arizona plans on continuing to fight for the law.  The state has filed an expedited appeal request that they will most likely lose again.  Arizona is just so flush with cash currently, who cares how much we spend on pushing SB1070!  /snark

Other reaction includes the actual engagement of “journalism”.  I haven’t seen real investigative journalism in so long that I almost didn’t recognize it!  CBS5 ( in a demonstration of testicular fortitude has been looking into ties between CCA, Corrections Corporation of America, and the current Governor, Jan Brewer.  CCA has been a frequent contributor to various political agendas within the state (e.g., Prop 100, the sales tax initiative) and has two former employees on Jan Brewers staff.  Furthermore, CCA operates six prisons/detention centers in AZ.  Of those, three are contracted with Immigration and Customs Enforcement.  Now if one had any sense, one would question Brewers support for SB1070 in light of these connections.  It boils down to this…….if SB1070 stands, the population of these ICE contracted facilities will explode, so CCA makes a lot more money (it’s a per person kind of money machine), Brewer gains in popularity (she was losing in her own primary before her support of SB1070) and it’s a win-win, right?   Except not a win for those pesky illegal aliens trying desperately to survive.  Pesky people, wanting to actually work and feed their families. 

And finally, lest we forget the ever-present, ever hungry for publicity, Sheriff Joe Arpaio–he said that his sweeps for illegal immigrants will continue as planned and any change in SB1070 doesn’t affect him at all.  So either good ‘ol Joe is ignoring a Federal injunction or his sweeps, which have been occurring for months, never needed SB1070.  Now it wouldn’t surprise me if Joe was ignoring the Federal injunction….following the law was never Sheriff Joe’s strong suit.  However, I suspect that his sweeps never needed the support of SB1070 in the first place.  So why, again, why, are state Republicans pushing this?  It’s the midterm elections and time to fire up the base.

So summing it all up….reactions in Arizona include:

  • treasonous threats from SB1070 supporters,
  • corruption in the Governor’s office, 
  • increased fear-mongering from Republicans,
  • voters voting out of fear and against their own interests, 
  • outright refusal to follow current law by the Sheriff’s office,
  • and, continued demonstrations by SB1070 opponents that garner little attention. 

The more things change, the more they stay the same in Arizona.


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