Barry, your “wong” is showing!

Posted: July 23, 2010 in Barry Wong, Delusional in AZ, Illegal Immigration

Barry Wong, Republican candidate for the AZ Corporate Commission, is still proposing that we deny utilities to supposed illegal immigrants.  He says he would check for citizenship by looking at driver’s licenses.  Yes, Driver’s Licenses……ya know, those things that can be gotten by non-citizens, those things that many of the poor who don’t drive or the ill and elderly who can’t drive, don’t have? 

Even his Republican opponents are calling him out as being a little over zealous on this one.  Unfortunately, one of his opponents simply responded by saying, let’s just let the new SB1070 law do its work and not complicate things.  Oh, that’s helpful too.  She meant the unconstitutional SB1070 that will result in racial profiling. 

Meanwhile, I really hope that Arizonans are paying attention to this heretofore obscure election and vote for anyone other than Wong and preferrably for the Democratic candidates (I think their names are Bradley, Jennings and Garcia), because at least they sound sane.


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