SB1070 and Civil Disobedience

Posted: July 21, 2010 in Illegal Immigration, Smart in AZ

It’s good to see the tradition of civil disobedience alive and well in Arizona.  The Federal Challenge to the new anti-immigration law SB1070 is headed to court soon (see news article) and various immigrant advocacy groups around the state plan rallies in an attempt to highlight their opposition to the law (the date appears to be changing…I’ve seen July 22nd and then July 29th).  Their announcements were made in all three major cities–Tucson, Phoenix and Flagstaff.

Some of the groups who will be participating include:

  • The Puente Movement
  • Somos America
  • National Day Laborer Organizing
  • United Church of Christ

A spokesman for Somos America said during an interview this morning with our local NPR affiliate, KJZZ, that the purpose of the rally is “to give hope” to the Hispanic community that “we will overcome” [I’m paraphras what I heard while driving to work]. 

Without giving specifics on what they plan to do during the rallies, they’ve all stressed that they intend to be non-violent and  symbolic.  Various churches will also attend to add a faith component….which faiths will be represented are not entirely clear from news reports…so far I’ve 0nly seen the United Church of Christ specifically mentioned.  I would think that the states’ Unitarian Universalists (my own faith) will also be represented either en mass or by individual participation.

Other news sources:  AZ Daily Sun  |  Yuma Sun  | KTAR & AP


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