Heads need to roll in AZ

Posted: July 12, 2010 in Delusional in AZ, Gov. Jan Brewer, Sen. Jon Kyl, The Economy

Our Govenor, Jan Brewer has been going on and on about beheadings that have occurred in AZ.  However, according to border county police agencies, there has not been a single case of beheading.  Wonder what Jan has been smoking lately?!

And speaking of the headless, Sen. Jon Kyl has finally come out and shown what a doofus he really is.  It’s either that or he thinks we’re doofuses for believing in his “fiscal responsibility” mantra.   Sen. Kyl has admitted that he thinks the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy should be extended EVEN if that means the deficit grows.  Why is it that he thinks it’s okay to give the wealthy a break when it adds to the deficit (adding $4.4 trillion to the deficit by 2018) but he refuses to extend unemployment insurance that would directly affect middle class and lower class Americans.  Has it occurred to anyone with any sanity that letting the Bush tax cuts expire would pay for the two unfunded wars we’re stuck in?  particularly the morass of Iraq, that Bush lied to us to get us into? 

I think some metaphorical “heads” need to roll come this Fall’s elections. But I’m sure AZ will continue to elect these idiots.


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