Celebrating the 4th in Phoenix

Posted: July 5, 2010 in Personal

Last night, I didn’t want to go out into the heat and traipsing via car, bus and then on foot to reach Indian School Steele Park for the city of Phoenix fireworks.  Instead I convinced my very  stubborn 7 year old to go with me to a party at work.  Our building is over 20 stories tall and has an incredible view of the entire valley in all four directions.  The fireworks from a local country club, just a few blocks away were excellent but we had to leave early before the City of Phoenix fireworks were done.  My daughter turns into a Monster around 9:30 pm. 

She didn’t enjoy it as much as she would have the park, but being in my third trimester I was in no mood for a long hot walk in 100+ degree weather late at night.  I hope other locals enjoyed their 4th too. Many of the localities had cancelled their fireworks due to budget cuts.  I’m curious as to how Phoenix was able to pay for theirs.  Donations, perhaps?


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