Dems in AZ moving to the right on immigration

Posted: July 2, 2010 in Border Security, Criminal in AZ, Delusional in AZ, Elections, Illegal Immigration, John McCain

Both Rep.  Gabrielle Giffords and current State Attorney General Terry Goddard (also a candidate for Governor) have both stated via Twitter (@Rep_Gifford and @TerryGoddardAZ) that they want to emphasize border security first, before Immigration Reform.  They keep posting stats on gun battles and deaths that happen NEAR the US border but on our soil.  So unless the bullets are flying across the border and killing innocent civilians, what can we do about it?!  It’s not like we can enforce our laws on Mexican soil….the legal concept of sovereignty keeps rearing its troublesome head.

Rep. Gifford and Gen. Goddard are reacting to AZ public opinion, which is bordering on hysteria about crime statistics that AREN’T really rising.  Nothing like politics based on fear of a non-reality!!!!!  The GOP has been stirring the pot for months now.  Like John McCain’s false claim that Phoenix is the number 2 kidnapping capital in the world.

Really?!  That’s funny because according to the FBI crime in AZ is down and has been for a while.  And according to Sgt. Tommy Thompson, a public information officer at the Phoenix Police Department, “…the number of reported kidnappings have actually decreased since this story broke in 2009.”  And  “Unless you’re involved in the dope trade, there’s a very very slim chance” that you’ll be kidnapped, he said.  (Source:

I still support Rep. Giffords and Atty Gen Goddard in their efforts and campaigns.  I do, however, wish they wouldn’t pander, or at least didn’t have to pander, to the lowest common denominator.

In addition, according to FBI and local police, the majority of victims actually IN AZ of drug and gang violence, including kidnappings, have been almost all due to those victims being involved in gangs and drugs.  Here’s the money quote from


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